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Climate Cards and Ways To Use Them

Like a growing number of us, you're probably wondering how to communicate climate urgency to so many people, especially Americans, who are still skeptical about the human role in global warming or think that token measures will suffice.

We decided to design Climate Cards to provide another tool to mobilize people from the ground up. Even though note cards are supposed to be cheery, uplifting or comforting, we are turning this American social convention on its head, mustering the note card as a survival tool at the grassroots level.

ClimateCards are a great way to educate your family, friends, and colleagues, and stimulate productive discussion whether they agree with you or not. You can plant seeds on the path to planet-saving critical knowledge and action!

(Click on thumbnail to see outside and inside of card.)

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For environmental, civic and religious groups concerned about global warming, ClimateCards can stimulate questions and discussion. And each card has important information on the back (see below), leading people to practical positive action.

All cards measure 5" x 7", and use vegetable-based inks; both cards and envelopes are made of 100% post-consumer waste, 100% recycled paper.

ClimateCards are available online from 100Fires Books. And if you're in Cambridge, Massachusetts, pick up ClimateCards at Cambridge Naturals in Porter Square. These are two small businesses we should support. You can also order by mail directly from Swelter Designs. ClimateCards are $2.95 each, including envelope and shipping. Please send order and check to Swelter Designs, 12 Locust Avenue, Lexington, MA 02421.

For retail or wholesale inquiries please call (781) 674-2339, or send us an e-mail at gettinghot {a-t} swelterdesigns [d-o-t] com.

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The back is the same for all cards - click on image below to enlarge for easier reading.